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Accessing chat history

Delve into user dialogues with your chatbot, and track interactions to refine AI responses

The Chat History Page is an invaluable feature of Corpus that offers a detailed look at the conversations between users and your chatbot. This page is pivotal for assessing the chatbot's performance and identifying opportunities for enhancement.

Insights into user interactions

  • Conversation records: View the full dialogue history, providing a complete picture of how users are using the chatbot and the types of questions they are asking.
  • Response feedback: Monitor the feedback on the chatbot’s answers with the up or down voting system, which helps gauge the accuracy and helpfulness of the information provided.
  • Direct document creation: When you identify frequently asked questions or topics that require better clarity, you can directly create and link new documents to these queries from the Chat History Page.

Corpus Chat: Chat history


The Chat History Page is more than a log; it is a strategic tool that not only helps in understanding user behavior but also plays a crucial role in the continuous learning and development of your chatbot. Through this page, Corpus provides a feedback loop that is essential for maintaining and improving the quality and relevance of your chatbot's interactions.

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