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What is Corpus?

An introductory guide to Corpus and its features

Corpus is a customer support chatbot powered by artificial intelligence (AI), designed to automate and streamline customer service operations. With Corpus, over 50% of customer support requests can be resolved instantly by providing timely responses to customer inquiries around the clock.

Unlike standard chatbots, Corpus is developed to serve as an asynchronous customer service tool. It allows for a personalized chatbot experience by enabling the customization of the chatbot's personality to align with the brand it represents. This customization extends to the domain, enabling a brand-centric user experience.

One of the key advantages of Corpus is its ability to provide accurate answers by sourcing information exclusively from the provided data or knowledge base. This significantly minimizes the chances of providing incorrect or misleading information, known as "hallucinations" in AI terminology.

Some of the advantages of using Corpus include:


Corpus allows for a personalized chatbot experience with customization options to align the chatbot's personality with the representing brand.

Lead management

Corpus is equipped with features for lead generation and management. It provides a platform for not just handling customer inquiries but also capturing and managing leads which is essential for business growth.

Easy setup

In terms of setup, Corpus requires a data source to operate effectively. The initial step involves providing the necessary data or data source from which Corpus will fetch and extract content. Following this, there is a training phase where the chatbot is trained on the provided data to enable it to respond accurately to customer inquiries in a manner akin to a human representative.

Continuous operation

Once set up, Corpus operates continually to handle customer inquiries, provide useful tips based on the queries, and gather insights from customer interactions. The insights gathered can be analyzed to understand customer behavior and preferences, which in turn can inform business strategies.

Additional features

Corpus offers features for marketing automation, team access, chat history access, and brand management, providing a holistic approach to managing customer interactions and driving business growth.

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