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The chatbot widget

Corpus is the ultimate tool for interactive customer support. Learn how the chatbot widget is maximizing user engagement

The Corpus chatbot widget stands as the most versatile and customizable point of contact between your business and its customers. It's designed to integrate seamlessly with your website, providing a robust and interactive support experience that can be finely tailored to embody your brand's ethos and aesthetic.

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Widget structure

The widget is thoughtfully segmented into three main sections, each serving a distinct purpose in the user journey. Click on each box for more information.

Customization options

Tailoring the widget to reflect your brand is straightforward and comprehensive:

  • Brand-specific styling: Customize the widget’s color scheme, avatar, and greetings to ensure brand consistency.
  • Language and directionality: Full support for multiple languages and right-to-left (RTL) text ensures inclusivity for a global audience.
  • Launcher control: Dictate where and when the widget launcher appears on your site, as well as its color and behavior.

Corpus Chat: Branding

Device optimization

The widget is designed to provide an optimal user experience across devices:

  • Mobile-friendly interface: Ensure accessibility and convenience for users on-the-go with a responsive mobile design.
  • Desktop adaptability: On desktops, users can maximize and resize the widget for a more immersive interaction.


The Corpus Chatbot Widget is not just a chatbot; it's a sophisticated platform for customer interaction that can be molded to your exact specifications. With its customizable interface, multilingual support, and responsive design, it is undeniably the most adaptable ChatGPT-powered chatbot available, ready to elevate your customer service to new heights of engagement and efficiency.

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