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Accessing support

Learn how to use the available self-service support resources, or reach out to a human when needed

Your journey to resolving queries about Corpus can often be swift and straightforward. By utilizing the chatbot on our webapp or consulting this comprehensive documentation site, you can uncover answers to the majority of your questions. These resources are designed to provide immediate support, guiding you through common inquiries and troubleshooting steps with ease.

When you need a human touch

There are times when a query requires a more personalized approach or you might need assistance beyond what automated support can offer:

  • Requesting human assistance: If the information provided by the AI does not address your concerns, or you need a level of support that only a human can provide, we are here to help.
  • Integration requests: Should you require an additional service or platform integration with Corpus, we encourage you to reach out.
  • Solutions not sufficient: In cases where the provided solutions do not resolve your issue, we want to know so we can improve and assist you effectively.

Contacting us

Please follow these steps for personalized support:

  1. Use the contact form: Use the integrated contact form on the chatbot’s widget. This is your direct line to our support team.
  2. Submit your query: Fill in the necessary details, describe your issue or request, and we'll be sure to follow up with you via email.

Our commitment to you

We aim to provide you with the best possible support experience. Whether through the AI-driven chatbot, our detailed documentation, or a personalized email response, your satisfaction and success with Corpus are our top priorities.

Still have questions? Contact us.