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Public chatbot page

Enabling and customizing your public chatbot page on corpus

Corpus provides a convenient feature to all its users – a public chatbot page. By default, this feature is enabled, allowing immediate access to your chatbot via a dedicated web address. This document will guide you through managing your public chatbot page, including how to disable this feature if desired and how to personalize it with a custom domain.

Upon creating your chatbot with Corpus, a public page is automatically generated for you. Here's how you can access it:

  • Standard URL: Your chatbot's default address will be in the format of where "chatbot-id" is a unique identifier for your project.
  • Fullscreen mode: If you prefer a distraction-free, fullscreen experience, simply append /fullscreen to your URL like this:
For an example of a public chatbot page, visit ours at:
(using a custom domain)

Disabling the public pages

For users who wish to keep their chatbot private or for those who want to integrate the chatbot exclusively on their own website, disabling the public page is an option available on all paid plans (Basic, Pro, or Max). Here's how you can disable it:

  1. Navigate to your dashboard: Log in to your Corpus account and go to your project's dashboard.
  2. Access settings: Find the settings or configuration section for your chatbot.
  3. Disable public page: Look for the option to disable the public chatbot page and toggle it off.

Once disabled, the chatbot will no longer be accessible through the default Corpus URL. However - you can still share your chatbot by embedding it on your website.

Assigning a custom domain

If you are on the Pro or Max plan, you have the added benefit of assigning a custom domain to your public chatbot page, providing a branded touch to your chatbot's URL.

To learn about adding a subdomain, visit Custom Domain Guide ›


The public chatbot page is a feature that provides immediate access to your Corpus chatbot. Whether you choose to use the default Corpus URL, disable the public page, or set up a custom domain, Corpus offers flexibility to suit your privacy and branding preferences. This feature is part of Corpus's commitment to providing a user-friendly and adaptable chatbot experience for businesses of all sizes.

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