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Adding content

A Step-by-step guide to enhance your Chatbot's knowledge

This document provides a straightforward, step-by-step guide on how to upload and add your content to Corpus, enabling your chatbot to learn and provide accurate, informed responses based on your specific data.

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Upload your content

  • Navigate to the Knowledge screen, and click on the 'Add Content' button in the dashboard.
  • Select the type of content you wish to upload (e.g., PDF, MS Office documents, images, HTML files).

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Import content from external sources

  • If importing from external sources like websites or databases, click on 'Import from External Source'.
  • Enter the required details (URL, database credentials) and follow the prompts to import.

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Select documents for training

  • Organize your uploaded documents into folders for easy management.
  • Assign tags to your documents for quick retrieval.

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Initiate the training process

  • Select the documents you wish to use for training.
  • Click on the 'Train Chatbot' button.

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Once training is complete, a notification will confirm that your chatbot is ready to use the new data.


With these simple steps, you can empower your Corpus chatbot with the knowledge it needs to serve your customers more effectively. Remember, a tutorial video is also available on each page to guide you through the process visually.

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