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Train your chatbot on custom data

A step-by-step guide on how to add your content to Corpus, enabling your chatbot to learn and provide accurate, informed responses based on your data.

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Add your content

  • Navigate to the Knowledge screen, and click on the Add Text button.
  • Using the window that appears, add your content to the chatbot (Markdown is supported).
  • To have the chatbot link to a URL when composing an answer, simply supply the target URL.

Corpus Chat: Create document

Fetch text from a URL

You can also add text from a URL by typing in the URL at the document editor and clicking on the Fetch Page button.

Initiate the training process

  • Select content for training: Select the documents you wish to use for training.
  • Initiate the training process: Click on the Train Chatbot button at the top of the screen.

Once training is complete, a notification will confirm that your chatbot is ready to use the new data.

Corpus Chat: Select documents for training


With these simple steps, you can empower your Corpus chatbot with the knowledge it needs to serve your customers more effectively.

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