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Train your chatbot on uploaded files

A step-by-step guide on how to add your content to Corpus, enabling your chatbot to learn and provide accurate, informed responses based on your data.

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Upload your content

  • Navigate to the Knowledge screen, and click on the (add files) button.
  • Drag and drop the files your wish to upload (or click on the upload area) to add them to your chatbot.

Corpus Chat: Drag files for training

You can upload the following PDF documents, text files (TXT/RTF), MS Word (DOC/DOCX), PowerPoint (PPT/PPTX), Excel (CSV/XLSX), Open Documents (ODT), Markdown files (MD), Ebooks (EPUB), HTML files, images (JPG/JPEG and PNG), and various programming files (JSON, IPYNB, YML/YAML, and XML) — up to a maximum of 10MB per file.

Initiate the training process

  • Select content for training: Select the documents you wish to use for training.
  • Initiate the training process: Click on the Train Chatbot button at the top of the screen.

Once training is complete, a notification will confirm that your chatbot is ready to use the new data.

Corpus Chat: Select documents for training


With these simple steps, you can empower your Corpus chatbot with the knowledge it needs to serve your customers more effectively.

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