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Choosing the right bot personality

Selecting the ideal personality for your Chatbot to align with business goals

The personality of your chatbot sets the tone for interactions with your users and is pivotal in achieving your business objectives. Corpus provides a spectrum of bot personalities tailored to various roles within a business setting. This document will help you identify the right personality for your chatbot that aligns with your brand voice and customer engagement strategy.

Personality options

Corpus offers four distinct bot personality options, each with its unique strengths and intended use cases:

Corpus Chat: personality

Website assistant

  • Use case: Ideal for handling general inquiries and navigating users through your website.
  • Characteristics: Friendly and approachable, this bot is a versatile first point of contact for website visitors.

Sales assistant

  • Use case: Perfect for highlighting product benefits and capturing leads.
  • Characteristics: Persuasive and knowledgeable, this bot can effectively guide potential customers through the sales funnel.

Customer support

  • Use case: Designed to provide detailed support and resolve customer queries.
  • Characteristics: Informative and empathetic, this bot enhances the customer service experience by providing thorough assistance.

Technical support

  • Use case: Best for offering in-depth technical help, including code troubleshooting.
  • Characteristics: Analytical and detail-oriented, this bot is capable of delivering complex information, such as code examples, in a user-friendly manner.
It is recommended to use the GPT-4 Model for Technical Support bots, as it performs better when generating code example.

Making the right choice

Choosing the right personality for your chatbot involves understanding your audience, their needs, and your customer service goals:

  • Identify user needs: Consider the typical inquiries and the level of support your users require.
  • Reflect brand voice: Ensure the bot’s personality is an extension of your brand’s communication style.
  • Evaluate business objectives: Align the bot's capabilities with your strategic goals, whether it's increasing sales, improving support, or providing technical assistance.


The personality you choose for your chatbot can profoundly influence user experience and satisfaction. With Corpus, you have the flexibility to match the chatbot's persona to your specific business needs, ensuring that every interaction is not just a conversation but a step towards achieving your business objectives. Select wisely to make your chatbot an effective and integral part of your customer engagement strategy.

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